Road trip USA: Riding the Pacific Coast to LA - Drink Eat Ride
EPIC Adventure - We are riding our 1984 Goldwing 4,200km down the Pacific Coast to LA where we will ultimately fly her and ourselves back home to Australia
Road trip, USA, Pacific Coast, British Columbia, Canada
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Trans-Canada Hwy, Hwy 1, Roadside between Banff & Lake Louise 1 - Canadian Rockies, Alberta - Road trip USA: Riding down the Pacific Coast to LA

Road trip USA: Riding the Pacific Coast to LA

Vernon, British Columbia ⇒ Los Angeles, California


Our grand exit from Canada is fast approaching, we need to get our asses moving, we have an EPIC adventure ahead of us! Follow along and help guide us as we ride Cee Cee (our 1984 Goldwing) 4,200km down the Pacific Coast to LA where we will ultimately fly her and ourselves back home to Australia.


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Pacific Coast Highway, USA - We are riding our 1984 Goldwing 4,200km down the Pacific Coast to LA where we will ultimately fly her and ourselves back home to Australia


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Our very loosely planned itinerary


Last Sunday we sat down drank our fill of coffee and knuckled down to put together a loose itinerary of our USA trip… By loose we literally mean loose, we know we will ride down the Pacific Coast so we wrote down which towns we might stay at and rough costs. The purpose was to:

a) workout a budget and if we could even afford the trip and

b) be decent people and let our friends know in advance when we plan to stop in.


Here are the cities are planning to stay at, but we want your advice –


Where shall we eat? Restaurant and market recommendations

Where will we sleep? We are on the look out for cheap hotels/ BnB’s/ hostels

What do we need to see? Where are the local secret squirrel places to go, what little gems do we need to find in the cities or along the ride

Vancouver Island, BC → staying with friends, get off the ferry at Nanaimo, explore Victoria → Ferry to Port Angeles

Gig Harbour, WA → staying with friends, explore Tacoma

Portland, WA → hundreds of amazing food trucks!!

Newport, OR → Home of Oregon’s tallest lighthouse

North Bend, OR →

Crescent City, CA → 

Eureka, CA → checking out the Avenue of the Giants

Fort Bragg, CA → Napa Valley (wine me up baby yeah!)

San Francisco, CA → 

Turlock, CA →

Yosemite, CA → Yosemite National Park

Creston, CA → staying with friends

Barstow, CA → 

Las Vegas, CA → 

Needles, CA → 

Palm Springs, CA →

Los Angeles, CA →


Cee Cee - Kalamalka Lake, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Cee Cee – Kalamalka Lake, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

Track our progress

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – we will be updating our statuses as we reach WIFI.

We will also be coming back to update this post with links to new posts relating to this trip – so stay tuned, sign up for our mailing list to get a monthly update so you don’t miss out!


John & Renee - Wild Horses Monument - Quincy, Washington, USA

John & Renee – Wild Horses Monument – Quincy, Washington, USA


Have something you want to show us use #RidePacificCoast, we will also use this in our posts so you can keep track.


John & Cee Cee - Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

John & Cee Cee – Vernon, British Columbia, Canada


Until next time…

John & Renee


Do you have any recommendations or advice for us? Do you want to meet up for a beer? We want to see your comments below!!!


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John & Renee Patroni
  • Ella Baker

    Hi Guys!
    I just wanted to check that you are staying in Victoria on Vancouver Island? If so, are you taking the ferry to Port Angeles WA when you make your way to Gig Harbor?
    Olympic National Park is on Port Angeles doorstep. However I am not sure it will be open in Nov. Hurricane Ridge is a great hike with views.
    From a historic perspective we like Port Townsend, which was meant to be the Capital of WA. Google it, the buildings are beautiful, big art gallery scene.
    We also like Poulsbo, it is a Nordic town with a cute downtown. If you stop by you need to head to Sluys Bakery and try a Viking Cup. It is a cinnamon roll with a big drop of cream cheese! Everything at the bakery is really cheap as well! It is popular with visitors and locals, always packed.
    I enjoyed a lunch at Green Light Dinner, cheaper place which has the retro thing going on.
    Then make your way to Gig Harbor for a home cooked meal and accommodation with some fellow Aussies!

    September 19, 2017 at 2:57 pm
  • Ella Baker

    In Tacoma there is the Tacoma Glass Museum, they also have plenty of free external ehixbtions around the city.
    Point Defiance Park, Ride the ‘5 mile’ loop, pull in at the lookouts.
    YouTube: ‘Galloping Gerty Tacoma Narrows Bridge’ and learn about the bridge you will crossing! Brody learnt about this bridge on his first day at uni, and now he drives across it to get to work every day!
    Antique Sandwich is popular in Ruston. I currently can’t eat much on the menu as I am pregnant but others have recommend it.
    Shake Shake Shake is another retro dinner burger/shake/hotdog place. It is located near Stadium High School. This is where ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’ was filmed.
    Drive along Ruston Way water front, stop in at Ruston Point. Its is a new dinning, shopping kids area. It has a huge map painted on the ground. Perhaps it will interest you.
    I shall keep thinking and post if I come up with anything else 🙂

    September 19, 2017 at 3:13 pm
  • mark beale

    Take a trip to sequia and kings national park you will love the ride up and over the mountain i wished i was on supermotard not a car the views are tops so are the giant trees plenty of parking not crowed stay at little place called extre about 40 miles from park cheap accom well worth a look grub (mark)

    September 29, 2017 at 1:40 pm
  • Shaun Brown

    Looks awesome mate.

    December 7, 2017 at 9:11 pm

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